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frog line

way to scary

Love the idea of this, it's like a museum of horror games. Too many cutscenes and standing around listening for my liking but I appreciate that a lot of effort has went into this, I wish you luck!

idk what to put in for spookys mansion room 2050 code from 5237, i saw  a dot on 7 which im guessing means it starts with 7?




This was an absolute joy to play! I thoroughly loved it. This game has the King of Horror's approval!

Meant to get to this a while ago. Great game! Really well put together and some pretty funny moments. Wasn't able to finish it yet though.

Congrats on... well, almost 7000 :)

*sigh* I would love to play this game, but unfortunately it is not available on mobile Dx

I have no idea what I'm really doing in the freddy part. No matter what I do I just run out of charge and die. Is it timed or are you doing something else ?

Try to use as little power as possible, the doors are automatically closed when you start so open them as soon as you can.  And flashing the main light might slow them down, if you leave it on it just does nothing but drain power and reduces its chance of working.

Also 173-B is not at threatening as he first appears.  when hes in the doorways your still safe...mostly.

Part 2 of My 6000 Horrors Created By Fellowplayer... Once Again Congrads on 6000

Like I said I really Enjoyed This Game So Far, The Commentary Is Hilarious. well Thought Out Man