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Horror Nights at Spooky's.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXzcduiD99hcDMhhCzByRiA

As a researcher in GL Labs you have finished your job working for Spooky in creating her "Specimens", now your usefulness has ended you are no longer needed so you are condemned to suffer at the fate of the specimens you helped to create.

You must escape to warn the world of the horror you helped to create before it's too late. You can only travel and rest during the day, at night you must take shelter and fight off Spooky's specimens to avoid getting caught and killed. As you travel from the basement labs back to the surface you will encounter ever more dangerous specimens and new ones even unknown to you.

  • Keep wherever you take shelter operational and avoid danger.
  • Travel through the mansion during the day choosing your own path.
  • Hide when you are hunted, Run when you can.
  • Figure out the Specimens strengths and weaknesses.

Prey that Spooky does not consider you a threat, otherwise she will deal with you herself.

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