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Sparky's Hunt 2

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Continuing from the previous trouble you had with Sparky and her followers, you decided to move home and hope you had seen the last of her, but you took her gift with you and now she is more determined to get what she wants from you. But you still don't know what she wants.

Sparky and her followers will hunt you down both in your home and her home, she seems to understand you don't know what she wants which is why she will be merciful, but only to a point. To exist in your world each one has an Enchantment randomly hidden across your home, you need to find them and seal them back into their world. If you get dragged into their world you must find other means to survive and hope to uncover the mystery to what she wants from you and decided if you want to either give her what she wants, or fight her.

Find out what she has wanted from you all this time, is their an ulterior motive to her helping you? Discover the truth.

This demo contains easter eggs in the tutorial that will not be used in the final version. I did that just for a bit of fun. Enjoy!

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Published163 days ago
StatusIn development

Install instructions

Unpack .rar file and run .exe file.


Sparky's Hunt 2 Demo.rar (130 MB)


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Hey cool game!! I beat the demo and i had alot of cutting parts out of my video because i would just stay in one spot in silence cause i was so scared and anxious haha!! For anyone who wants to watch my 1st part Game-play Video of "Sparky's Hunt 2" it's right here!!