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The Nightmare of Mr Cripps

You and your friends thought it would be funny to break into a cemetery and steal the remains of one of the bodies and play zombies, unfortunately you all choose to steal the bones of Mr Cripps.  Now he wants his bones back.

You and your friends are in danger.  Can you save them and yourself by finding Mr Cripps's bones and returning them to his resting place before he finds you all and kills you?

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars

Install instructions

Unpack and run game.


The Nightmare of Mr Cripps 32bit.rar 35 MB
The Nightmare of Mr Cripps 64bit.rar 37 MB


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This was quite an experience...

When I first saw a game developed by you, I was surprised! Mainly because I never came across any of your games. But then I looked into it more deeper, and realized you've BEEN making games! Shame on me haha NOMC is a simple but fun horror game. Not much skill is really needed, but it's something to quickly enjoy. Maybe the daunting Mr. Cripps himself could be more difficult to escape from, and overall deal with. Other than that, a fun game! Now I'm looking forward to going down the rabbit hole of FellowPlayer games!

Great work!

Nice game. The monster needed to be harder to avoid but was a fun play and ran well with great sounds and music... :)